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A pause for lunch with a fantastic view.

Lunch menu

SERVED 11.30AM - 3PM

Enjoy your lunch on our south-facing terrace overlooking the mountains or inside the veranda when the weather is cold. We also have a charming indoor dining room with a fireplace for a real mountain ambiance!

Why not try our signature dish or our specialities, like the “hot box” or our tartiflette.

We also offer a selection of meats from the best butchers and wines from winemakers who are passionate about their products.

All our dishes are cooked on site using quality products.

Soupe du jour13€
according to the chef's inspiration and seasonal vegetables
Dish of the day16,50€
Essential of the chef22€
Chef’s Pie with confit of duck and parsley topped with mashed potatoes, served with a green salad

Our Savoyard specialities 

That's why you come to Savoie!
Puff pastry tart and green salad21,50€
``tried and tested by many, approved by all.``
Puff pastry parcel with Reblochon cheese and cured ham
Tartiflette and green salad23,00€
Potatoes, bacon bits, onions, cream and Reblochon cheese cooked in the oven, served with green salad.
Alpine ``hot box``25,00€
Served with its plate of cold meats, potato & salad.

Our meats

Specially selected for you and served with winter vegetables or crozets au gratin or french fries.
NewCrispy duck confit with honey23,00€
Entrecote steak Montbéliarde rib steak26,00€
Choice of sauces3,00€
- Bearnaise
- Cream of almond milk and blue cheese
- Green pepper and tarragon
Bavette steak23,00€
Selection of grilled meats23,00€
(bacon, pork, ham)
Bagel de légumes

Our salads

VeggieVegetable bagel23,50€
Bagel with sweet potatoes, mushrooms, onions, dried tomatoes and its sauce made with fromage frais, curry, honey and coriander.
Served with salad and raw vegetables.
Caesar salad23,50€
Endives, chicken, parmesan shavings, bacon bits, croutons, anchovy sauce.
Savoyard salad23,50€
Lettuce, potatoes, seasonal vegetables, cured ham, onions, smoked sausage, small pot of reblochon cream.

Our pastas

VeggieVegetarian lasagna24€
With cooked vegetables and green salad.
VeggiePenne with gorgonzola cheese19€
leeks and roasted walnuts.
Lasagne bolognese al forno24€
with green salad.
Penne with bolognese sauce18€
Our Bolognese sauce is cooked Italian-style with freshly-minced meat.

Our chalet mixes

Chalet burger22,50€
Mincemeat*, reblochon cheese, salad, onions, homemade tartare sauce.
VeggieVG Burger22,50€
veggie burger*, reblochon cheese, salad, caramelized onions, light sauce.

Our burger buns are made by our own baker.

Mince steak*18,50€

* Frozen products.

VeggieMushrooms omelette18,50€
Cheese and/or ham omelette18,50€
Mountain omelette19,50€
potatoes, diced bacon & onions.

Our omelettes are made with free range eggs.

Tarte aux myrtilles
Moelleux au chocolat

Our homemade desserts

created by our pastry chef
Hot brownie9€
with a melting praline centre.
Blueberry tart9€
NewFresh fruits fondue.10€
Seasonal fruit, melted chocolate-hazelnut, candy, mini Brussels waffle.
Génépi Gourmand13€
A génépi served with a selection of homemade mini pastries.
Café or Thé Gourmand11€
with a selection of homemade mini pastries.
Irish coffee8,50€

Kid's menu11,00€
- Children under 10
- Chicken filet with french fries* or pasta with bolognese sauce.
- Fruit compote